Clumsy Bird is already turning out to be an enjoyable game with everyone, but there's only one issue - the game is addicting and extremely challenging! With our cheat, you will be able to receive unlimited lives - meaning every time you lose, you will simply return back to the same position, without having to lose any of your score. Show off to your friends now with a super high score! This cheat works on ALL mobile devices.

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Step 1

Open the Clumsy Bird app from your mobile device. Once opened, click the home button so that it gets minimised. Now you are ready for the cheat.

Step 2

On your mobile's internet browser, navigate to Then click the button to begin the cheat.

Step 3

Once you have clicked the button, our advanced script will detect your Clumsy Bird game.

Step 4

You will then need to complete a 5-10 second questionnaire. We do this to ensure that you are a human being and not a computer system. It is very important that you complete this step for the cheat to work.

Step 5

Once you have completed all these steps, your cheat will be activated. You may now return back to Clumsy Bird. Whenever you lose, you will simply return back to the same position with the same score! Have fun, and don't forget to show off to your friends with your ultra high score!

Sometimes, our servers are always busy due to the huge amounts of people using this cheat. By repeating the steps above 2-3 times, your cheat will most likely be activated!